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Which social work skills are essential for a successful social worker?

RTE 2.5 million people are working in social work in Ireland, according to a survey by the Association of Social Workers.The number is up from 2.8 million the previous year and nearly the same as the same time last year.Social Work Week, which was started in 2010 to highlight the importance of social work training […]

The social issues that are on the minds of some of the country’s most influential people: Social Work Month 2018

The hampton is a very large city in southern England.There are approximately 1.5 million people living in it, and the area has a population density of less than a third of the population of New York City.According to the BBC, the hampton’s population is predicted to increase by a whopping 70% by 2051.In the last […]

What socialism is and what communism is, and why are we here?

We are here, in our homes and workplaces, to take action against our social and economic injustice, to build socialism in our societies, and to bring social justice to our communities.Socialism and communism are not the same thing.Socialism is the political and economic system of the United States of America, where the working class and […]