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Why Venezuela is a country of social disunity

VENEZUELA SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION THEORY: A key source of tension in Venezuela is the deepening gap between the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSUV) and the National Assembly, a political institution that has been dominated by Maduro’s government since he took office in 2016.In his first year in office, Maduro has been able to push through an […]

Social anxiety disorder and autism spectrum disorder linked

Social anxiety disorders and autism are linked to one another, according to a new study.The research suggests that people with autism spectrum disorders may have more difficulty forming social connections and communicating, and that autism can have a significant impact on the way people feel.In particular, autism spectrum individuals may be less able to identify […]

Social Security Disability Benefits Set to End by 2033, Social Security Act Will End by 2030

The Social Security Administration announced Tuesday that it would end Social Security disability benefits by 2032 and that the program would end by 2030.The agency, which has long said that disability benefits would be phased out over the next decade, said in a statement that it will continue to seek a way to help those […]

When social anxiety is a form of social constructionivism, the answer is no

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a psychological condition characterized by symptoms such as social isolation and depression.Social constructivism is a political philosophy that posits that the social fabric and structures of society are constructed to reflect our own needs and preferences and that the best way to do so is to create social structures that […]

How to talk about libertarian socialism: How do we talk about social control theory?

Libertarians tend to emphasize the social dimension of their views, as well as its relationship to economic and political freedoms.This social and economic freedom is a central theme in their ideology.While many libertarians are focused on individual rights and freedoms, they also believe in the broader societal and political values that underpin economic freedom and […]

‘We can’t keep fighting without social justice’: Activists say social justice activists must be ready for the ‘war on terror’

Social justice activists are facing an “unprecedented” threat of “war on terrorism” as the war against ISIS draws to a close.Social justice activist Joshua Wong said that the “war” on terror is not only being waged by the US and its allies, but also by the world’s governments, and that “there are no end to […]