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Social Distortion: How Social Distortions Can Influence Your Minds Thinking

Social Distorting is a term used to describe the manipulation of the social environment in order to further social control.People often use social distorting to convince others that they have problems with social situations.In some cases, social distortions can be deliberate, such as a person who is very unhappy in his or her own life […]

How to Use Social Media Ads to Make the Most of Social Media Source National Review

As a digital media company, we want to make sure our advertising is targeted and relevant to our target audience.To do that, we need to understand the audiences we’re trying to reach.In this article, we’ll share some basic principles to use social media ads to maximize your advertising potential and maximize your ROI.What are Social […]

How to Stop Social Distancing Zapper from Turning into a Social Distancer

The Social Distance Zapper is an advertising and marketing tool that will be a boon for those who are in the process of transitioning from the traditional to the new.The zapper will be able to turn any device into a social distancing device, allowing them to hide from social distances as they see fit, as […]