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Crypto News – #1 Crypto News

article Crypto News is a cryptocurrency news aggregator that aims to provide an online source of news related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.It was founded by Brian Kelly, the founder of the company Coinlab, who also founded was acquired by the US government earlier this year.In its first year, the company collected a total […]

Social experiment: What social policy can learn from our social experiments

By creating an experiment, we can learn something about the people we are making decisions about.If social experiments are designed with the goal of helping a specific group, then a good way to test whether an experiment is working is to see how well it is performing.If we are looking for evidence of a social […]

‘We can’t keep fighting without social justice’: Activists say social justice activists must be ready for the ‘war on terror’

Social justice activists are facing an “unprecedented” threat of “war on terrorism” as the war against ISIS draws to a close.Social justice activist Joshua Wong said that the “war” on terror is not only being waged by the US and its allies, but also by the world’s governments, and that “there are no end to […]