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What are social distancing memes? – Reuters

Social distancing (also known as social distancer) is a term coined by the UK Government in 2016 to describe a range of strategies and tactics used by the government to manage public relations for its political agenda, including social distancedness.In its official report into the 2015 General Election, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found […]

Anarcho socialism: The social housing project that works

Social housing is a housing strategy that aims to create and sustain a social space, with an emphasis on community, shared space and quality of life.A social housing estate is a site where people live together in an area where they can have access to facilities such as social, recreational and cultural activities.Social housing is […]

What social identities are?

Social identity theory attempts to understand the complex nature of human experience.It draws upon theories of human behavior and behaviour change, as well as theories of cultural and social relations, as the sources of social identities.It aims to provide a framework for understanding social relationships, the way in which individuals interact and share information, and […]