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How to Get Rid of Social Distancing Meghan Markle tweets about her social distanced memes

The social distance meme was a Twitter hashtag that appeared to target the Duchess of Cambridge after she took to Twitter last week to express her sadness over the death of her father.The social media network suspended the tweet and subsequently removed it from its feed.The Duchess of Sussex has since deleted the tweet, saying […]

The Social Security Scam That Got My Social Security Number Removed

In a few months, I’ll have my Social Security number back.The Social Services Administration has given it to me, and I don’t even have to go to work anymore to get it.But I still don’t have the Social Security numbers of my parents, siblings, and closest relatives.This year, I had to call my mother’s office […]

How to handle this week’s politics

When it comes to the next election, voters in Georgia and North Carolina are going to have to make some tough choices about who to support, according to new polling from the University of Georgia and the University at Buffalo.The results are significant because they come as Democrats and Republicans are locked in a tight […]