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What happens if you lose your Social Security benefits?

What if you’re an employee of an employer who lost your Social Insurance number when you were born?It’s not a simple matter of getting a new Social Security number, and it’s unlikely to be straightforward for a new employer.Social Security is the federal government’s entitlement program for working people.People who have been unemployed for a […]

Crypto News – #1 Crypto News

article Crypto News is a cryptocurrency news aggregator that aims to provide an online source of news related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.It was founded by Brian Kelly, the founder of the company Coinlab, who also founded was acquired by the US government earlier this year.In its first year, the company collected a total […]

What social contract theory means for you and your work

The Social Contract Theory of Work is a model of social contract, a concept that has become increasingly popular among social scientists over the past decade or so.In the social contract model, the relationship between parties is described as a social contract or contract of the parties.In a social contracts understanding of work, people who […]

‘We are all vulnerable’: social worker tells students to avoid social media

A social worker has told pupils to avoid “toxic social media” to help them feel safe online.A teacher has warned of “vicious social media bullies” who are using their power to try to “predict your future”.“It’s time for us to start thinking about how to take care of ourselves online,” social worker Lorna Stacey told […]