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How to talk about libertarian socialism: How do we talk about social control theory?

Libertarians tend to emphasize the social dimension of their views, as well as its relationship to economic and political freedoms.This social and economic freedom is a central theme in their ideology.While many libertarians are focused on individual rights and freedoms, they also believe in the broader societal and political values that underpin economic freedom and […]

How Twitter is becoming a platform for the Left

Twitter is turning into a social media platform for leftists, with the site gaining traction among young people, progressives and liberals who feel that social media platforms have become a vehicle for the left to advance their cause.The company has gained more followers in the last year, with almost 13 million in total, according to […]

‘Social Distancing’ is the answer to social interaction in the workplace

Licensed social worker Victoria Nesbitt is helping social distancing become more of a mainstream concept in the profession.Key points:Dr NesBitt says social distanced workers can work with their clients in different social settings to improve communication and supportEach client can choose to work independently, while still being able to meet face to faceDr NedBitt, who […]

Which of the two systems is more likely to work?

The social contract is a contract that governs how individuals will live their lives.The social security number is the identification number given to all beneficiaries of the scheme.Social conflict theory is a theoretical analysis of how conflict is experienced in society.In order to understand how conflict develops in a society, researchers must determine how it […]

Why do some people have trouble embracing social distancing?

The social distanced phenomenon is the term given to the phenomenon of people who can’t or won’t be socialized with people who are.It’s a common problem in social settings, from sports to relationships, and it can have a range of possible causes. For example, many of us find it difficult to find a partner who shares […]

How to get your money back from Facebook if you don’t like the social contract

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to resign after the social media company announced it will pay users a one-time $100,000 fine if they do not like the way it plans to handle the issue of social distance.According to Facebook’s policy, a user will receive a $100 million credit to their account every time […]