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Which is the right answer?

Rockstar’s social club is not your typical club.Rather, it’s a club for rock stars and other celebrities, offering exclusive benefits to its members and members-only events and exclusive content.It’s called Rockstar Social Club, and its popularity has spread across the internet.In a way, the social club’s popularity has been a boon to its owners.But the […]

How to use the social identity test to determine if you have social anxiety

A social identity (SIT) test is a way to measure how much social interaction is required to feel socially secure.The SIT is particularly useful for people who feel they’re under pressure from others or are anxious about social situations.To take the test, take a few minutes to write down the following questions: Is there anything […]

How to build social insurance calculator using your social media accounts

This post is part of Next Big Futures Social Insurance Calculator: Social Insurance with Social Security Calculator and Social Security Social Security Income calculator.This post is a guest post by Sarah, who runs an insurance and healthcare consulting company.Sarah is an independent insurance agent, but she uses her employer to help people pay their premiums […]

Social experiment: What social policy can learn from our social experiments

By creating an experiment, we can learn something about the people we are making decisions about.If social experiments are designed with the goal of helping a specific group, then a good way to test whether an experiment is working is to see how well it is performing.If we are looking for evidence of a social […]