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Social Distortion: How Social Distortions Can Influence Your Minds Thinking

Social Distorting is a term used to describe the manipulation of the social environment in order to further social control.People often use social distorting to convince others that they have problems with social situations.In some cases, social distortions can be deliberate, such as a person who is very unhappy in his or her own life […]

How to spot social media fraud in your social media marketing campaign

Social media fraud can be quite hard to detect.But you don’t need to be a master social media strategist to spot fraud in a campaign.Here are five tips to help you spot it.1.Your audience will be confusedWhen you post an article, the first thing people will think is, “What’s this?”The next thing they’ll say is, […]

What is the difference between a social distancing activity and a social disorder?

A social distance activity is one that is conducted in the context of a political or social cause or the intention to pursue a political cause.The activity can be conducted by individuals, a political party, a non-profit organization, a nonprofit organization, or by a third party.This type of activity is not an unlawful activity and […]

Which social media platforms will get more exposure and revenue in the US and how will they fare?

When it comes to social media marketing, Google has a clear lead.The search giant has made a significant amount of progress in the past year and has been a leader in the digital marketing arena.Here are five of the most interesting trends in the industry right now:1.What are social media’s biggest growth opportunities and how […]

How to handle this week’s politics

When it comes to the next election, voters in Georgia and North Carolina are going to have to make some tough choices about who to support, according to new polling from the University of Georgia and the University at Buffalo.The results are significant because they come as Democrats and Republicans are locked in a tight […]

Dems hold a town hall on tax credits

The Hill article | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram The Senate Democrats’ town hall in Kentucky today was more than an exercise in town hall politics.It was an opportunity to push the narrative that Republicans and their donors are to blame for the nation’s economic woes, and to give the public a chance to hear […]