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How to handle this week’s politics

When it comes to the next election, voters in Georgia and North Carolina are going to have to make some tough choices about who to support, according to new polling from the University of Georgia and the University at Buffalo.The results are significant because they come as Democrats and Republicans are locked in a tight […]

Dems hold a town hall on tax credits

The Hill article | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram The Senate Democrats’ town hall in Kentucky today was more than an exercise in town hall politics.It was an opportunity to push the narrative that Republicans and their donors are to blame for the nation’s economic woes, and to give the public a chance to hear […]

Social Security tax,Medicare,Medicaid and Social Security medicare are all the same, says Crypto Coins

In an attempt to make sense of the complicated world of crypto currencies, I thought I’d give a bit of insight into what a “coin” is and how to properly use one.This coin is called “Social Security” in the US, and “Medicare” in Canada.In Canada, this coin is simply called “Medicaid” or “Mediccare”.In the US […]

‘We can’t keep fighting without social justice’: Activists say social justice activists must be ready for the ‘war on terror’

Social justice activists are facing an “unprecedented” threat of “war on terrorism” as the war against ISIS draws to a close.Social justice activist Joshua Wong said that the “war” on terror is not only being waged by the US and its allies, but also by the world’s governments, and that “there are no end to […]

Anarcho socialism: The social housing project that works

Social housing is a housing strategy that aims to create and sustain a social space, with an emphasis on community, shared space and quality of life.A social housing estate is a site where people live together in an area where they can have access to facilities such as social, recreational and cultural activities.Social housing is […]

Social anxiety syndrome: Social media and the social sciences

In this episode of The Verge’s new podcast, social anxiety syndrome and the science of social media.Read moreIn this episode, social media and social anxiety symptoms are brought to the forefront by Dr. Jonathan Eisenberg, the chief of neurology at New York University Langone Medical Center.We learn about the neurological processes that underlie social anxiety, […]

What social identities are?

Social identity theory attempts to understand the complex nature of human experience.It draws upon theories of human behavior and behaviour change, as well as theories of cultural and social relations, as the sources of social identities.It aims to provide a framework for understanding social relationships, the way in which individuals interact and share information, and […]