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Why Venezuela is a country of social disunity

VENEZUELA SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION THEORY: A key source of tension in Venezuela is the deepening gap between the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSUV) and the National Assembly, a political institution that has been dominated by Maduro’s government since he took office in 2016.In his first year in office, Maduro has been able to push through an […]

Social anxiety disorder and autism spectrum disorder linked

Social anxiety disorders and autism are linked to one another, according to a new study.The research suggests that people with autism spectrum disorders may have more difficulty forming social connections and communicating, and that autism can have a significant impact on the way people feel.In particular, autism spectrum individuals may be less able to identify […]

Twitter has closed its accounts of some 4,000 users who used social media platforms to promote beef-eating

Twitter is closing accounts of those who used Twitter to promote eating beef or other meat products, a move that comes as social media companies struggle to attract followers and followers grow.The social media giant on Thursday said it had closed accounts of 4,049 people who had used the Twitter account of one of its […]

When Social Engagement, Not Social Networking, Is the Answer for Your Health

The Social Engaging Model is an approach to social interaction that has gained acceptance in the medical community over the past few decades.In the Social Engagening Model, people engage with others in an effort to help each other solve a problem, which may involve social interaction.The process is described as “interaction-building,” a way of helping […]

How to fix a broken credit card system

The credit card industry is a complicated mess.The number of people who have problems finding their card, and how they solve them, has grown steadily over the past several years, as consumers have become more adept at online shopping.But there is a key difference: The credit cards industry is based on trust.That’s not always the […]

Why you should stop thinking about social media and start thinking about yourself

We live in an age of unprecedented social media influence.Social media has become the lifeblood of our existence.As the world becomes ever more connected and social media becomes the go-to source of information, the questions around social media’s role in our lives become ever more pressing.Is social media really a driver of good news and […]