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Which social media apps are worth the effort to use?

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest all offer social media services for you to share your thoughts, ideas and news with others.But if you want to find out which social media app is best for you, read on.We’ve put together a list of social media applications that you should consider using, from apps that […]

Why Singapore doesn’t have an anti-social club

Singaporeans are not allowed to associate with people who are deemed to be anti social, such as online gaming players, drug addicts or drug dealers.But it has become a problem that some feel is becoming more prevalent with the launch of social distance definition (SDF) on the internet.The SDF, which is an extension of Singapore’s […]

How to save a life with social capital

What is social capital?When did we get the idea?When we were young, and we thought, “How can we make our lives better?”Social capital is the ability to have relationships and interactions that create meaningful relationships and make us feel like we have value in life.Social capital doesn’t necessarily have to be a positive feeling.It can […]

‘Social Blade’ could end the poverty and inequality of the world

A new social media platform that aims to democratize government data could be an important step toward ending the global poverty and social inequality of our times, the World Economic Forum said today.The global economic powerhouse, which hosts the annual World Economic Outlook and the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, announced that the Social Blade platform, […]