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How social penetration theory can help you better understand the role of social media in criminal activity

As the country struggles to stem a rise in crime and violence, a new theory that describes social penetration in the digital realm as a critical component of criminality is gaining traction.Researchers at the University of Toronto and the University at Buffalo have used social penetration to understand the relationship between technology and crime.They call […]

IBM, IBM’s CEO, calls social engineering ‘fraud’

IBM, the world’s largest software company, is facing mounting pressure to address social engineering, after a high-profile hack exposed internal email messages that revealed how the company’s top executives worked with corporate social responsibility departments to manipulate employees.The company has been forced to make some changes to the way it processes and delivers its employees’ […]

How to be a democratic socialist in 2018

When people talk about the “democratic socialism” they often refer to something like the Social Democratic Party or the Socialist Workers Party, which are both left-leaning parties.The idea is that you would be part of a coalition of various parties, but the parties would still represent the interests of the people.While that may seem like […]

How to Get Rid of Social Distancing Meghan Markle tweets about her social distanced memes

The social distance meme was a Twitter hashtag that appeared to target the Duchess of Cambridge after she took to Twitter last week to express her sadness over the death of her father.The social media network suspended the tweet and subsequently removed it from its feed.The Duchess of Sussex has since deleted the tweet, saying […]

The social issues that are on the minds of some of the country’s most influential people: Social Work Month 2018

The hampton is a very large city in southern England.There are approximately 1.5 million people living in it, and the area has a population density of less than a third of the population of New York City.According to the BBC, the hampton’s population is predicted to increase by a whopping 70% by 2051.In the last […]

How to Use Social Media Ads to Make the Most of Social Media Source National Review

As a digital media company, we want to make sure our advertising is targeted and relevant to our target audience.To do that, we need to understand the audiences we’re trying to reach.In this article, we’ll share some basic principles to use social media ads to maximize your advertising potential and maximize your ROI.What are Social […]