Twitter has closed its accounts of some 4,000 users who used social media platforms to promote beef-eating

Twitter is closing accounts of those who used Twitter to promote eating beef or other meat products, a move that comes as social media companies struggle to attract followers and followers grow.

The social media giant on Thursday said it had closed accounts of 4,049 people who had used the Twitter account of one of its biggest users, J.S.

Sreenivasan, who has more than 8 million followers.

Twitter did not specify when or why the accounts were closed.

Twitter is also removing the account of a Twitter employee who shared a photo of himself with a burger at an event, saying it violated its policies.

Twitter has been a major focus of scrutiny from some lawmakers, who have pushed to have Twitter blocked, and other lawmakers, including President Donald Trump, who are concerned about its impact on free speech and the way Twitter handles users.

Trump, who recently tweeted about banning Twitter, said in March that Twitter is “the worst thing that ever happened to America.”

The company has said that it will allow some users to use its platform to communicate, and that it is “in the process of expanding our social channels.”

Twitter said in a statement to Reuters that it would continue to offer “a wide variety of tools to promote the brands we work with.”

It added that it has “a zero tolerance policy on inciting violence and hate speech on Twitter.”

Trump has also criticized Twitter for what he said was the company’s failure to police hate speech.