What do you do when your children are ‘creepy’ and ‘ugly’? Answer in the comments section: ‘Not a good look’

A parent who posts photos of her child to social media has sparked a backlash, with some arguing the pictures are not only insensitive but could be considered an expression of social disapproval.

Melanie Lefebvre shared a photo of her daughter, who was about four years old at the time, posing in front of a “pink bear” sculpture, the Associated Press reports.

The photo was taken in July and has gone viral since it was shared.

Lefebrieres daughter said she was “not impressed” with the artwork and was concerned the sculpture would be used to ridicule other children, but she later deleted the photo after her daughter posted the photo.

“I know it’s not really a ‘pink’ bear,” Lefegreres daughter, Marcela, told ABC News.

“But it’s still kind of gross.”

Marcela Lefemre said she had been “shocked” by the picture.

“We all have to be sensitive, and it’s one thing to say ‘we should be careful,'” she said.

“But when you say ‘I’m going to throw this into a public park because of the fact that my daughter is ugly,’ that’s just a gross, ignorant thing to do.”