Recode: How Twitter could be used to track you

In an effort to help its users avoid the spread of harmful content, Twitter has added an option for social distancing that allows users to opt out of being tracked by a Twitter bot.

In an FAQ, Twitter said that social distanced is used to allow people to avoid being tracked and targeted by a bot, but it doesn’t do anything with the data it receives from those users.

“Twitter is not responsible for the content, content owners and users of its services,” the company said in the FAQ.

The bot was built by a third party, Twitter, and was designed to only track users that were verified and had verified accounts, but Twitter is not currently aware of how many accounts are used to run the bot.

Twitter also said that the bot can be used in conjunction with other tools and platforms to track people.

Twitter’s FAQ also states that the company will not beifying users who are targeted by the bot, and will only notify users who have a verified account.

But if you don’t have a Twitter account and don’t use Twitter, you could still be tracked by the tool.

The tool has been used for malicious purposes for years, according to cybersecurity experts.

According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, at least nine people have been killed by malware created by the Twitter bot since it was launched in 2016.

Twitter has been using its bot for several years now.

The company said that it will now be adding the bot to a tool called TweetBot, which will automatically send notifications to users when it receives information that could be useful to law enforcement.

This bot also sends notifications to Twitter users when a profile is deactivated, or when the user’s name or profile picture is deleted.

“In this case, we will be sending alerts to the Twitter user when their account has been deactivated or deleted,” Twitter said in its FAQ.

“We have been using these alerts for some time to help protect users against unwanted or abusive content.”

This is the first time Twitter has included an option to opt-out of being targeted by Twitter’s bot.

It’s also the first public announcement that Twitter has begun adding a bot to the tool that will automatically notify users when they are being targeted.

It is not clear how many users will be notified when the bot is used.

Twitter did not say whether the bot will be enabled for users with verified accounts.

Twitter is already a popular place for people to send out spam, but the bot may be a way to prevent people from sharing sensitive or personal information that might be useful for law enforcement or to track them down if they are in the public eye.

Twitter said it will be removing the TwitterBot from the tool in the coming weeks.