How to manage social media posts and videos as a business

The Washington Post article Washington, D.C. — It’s not every day that you get to see a presidential candidate at a campaign event.

But that’s exactly what former Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) did during a visit to Iowa’s state capital on Thursday.

He got the chance to watch a campaign rally featuring a group of Iowa Republicans as he tried to convince them to embrace his conservative values.

After several weeks of campaigning against Donald Trump, it was a fitting moment to be in the state that gave him his party’s nomination, King said, adding that he will try to make Iowa his home.

While he’s been a prominent voice on social media during the campaign, King, who was the only Republican in the House who voted against the president’s Iran nuclear deal, has not released many details about how he plans to manage the social media and other online platforms he uses to engage with voters.

It’s a challenge, he said, because many of his constituents rely on social networking to connect with friends and family.

But even a small number of those voters will feel a sense of disconnect when it comes to a candidate who is not in the race, he warned.

As the Trump campaign moves into its final days, some Iowa Republicans have begun to focus more on the role that social media will play in the coming weeks.

That includes the Iowa Republican Party, which has been a key supporter of Trump.

And on Thursday, it held a conference call with its members to discuss the future of the social network.

As it does in all aspects of life, he added, it is a challenge to manage one’s time and energy on social networks.

But, he argued, social media should be an extension of the person.

And that person is a person who can handle social media the best they can, said Rep. Tim Holden (R) of Iowa.

King, who has endorsed Trump, said he hopes to find a way to be more involved in the digital and social media strategy of the Trump transition team.

And he said he’s open to engaging with his colleagues in other ways, including speaking with people on social.

And if he can do that, he will be able to be a better person, he promised.