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How to save a life with social capital

What is social capital?When did we get the idea?When we were young, and we thought, “How can we make our lives better?”Social capital is the ability to have relationships and interactions that create meaningful relationships and make us feel like we have value in life.Social capital doesn’t necessarily have to be a positive feeling.It can […]

‘Social Blade’ could end the poverty and inequality of the world

A new social media platform that aims to democratize government data could be an important step toward ending the global poverty and social inequality of our times, the World Economic Forum said today.The global economic powerhouse, which hosts the annual World Economic Outlook and the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, announced that the Social Blade platform, […]

When Social Engagement, Not Social Networking, Is the Answer for Your Health

The Social Engaging Model is an approach to social interaction that has gained acceptance in the medical community over the past few decades.In the Social Engagening Model, people engage with others in an effort to help each other solve a problem, which may involve social interaction.The process is described as “interaction-building,” a way of helping […]

How to use the social identity test to determine if you have social anxiety

A social identity (SIT) test is a way to measure how much social interaction is required to feel socially secure.The SIT is particularly useful for people who feel they’re under pressure from others or are anxious about social situations.To take the test, take a few minutes to write down the following questions: Is there anything […]