The most important social media platforms in Australia

The most popular social media platform in Australia is LinkedIn, with 2.8 million active users, according to the latest numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It has more than 1.6 million users in New South Wales.

The social networking platform also has a large share of Australian businesses with 2 million active members.

It was first launched in Australia in 2004.

LinkedIn’s popularity is driven by its popularity in the global workforce and the growth of mobile apps.

“In the past few years, LinkedIn has been growing rapidly and we are seeing this trend continue to accelerate,” said Andrew O’Neill, director of business development for LinkedIn Australia.

Facebook and Twitter have more than 5 million active accounts. “

It’s also seen the growth in business groups as well as businesses with smaller staff.”

Facebook and Twitter have more than 5 million active accounts.

LinkedIn also has more members in the UK and US than any other platform in the world, according a LinkedIn spokeswoman.

Facebook and LinkedIn have a global membership base of more than 8 million, according data from the US Census Bureau.

LinkedIn had just over 1 million members when it was launched in 2004, with more than 600,000 of them in Australia.