Social Catfish: The Social Catfishes of the Age

When social catfish became a thing, the fish had an interesting name: social catfishes.

While they’re not technically social, they’re part of a social category of fishes called the catfishing family.

The catfish family, according to Wikipedia, is made up of nine species of catfish that are categorized into nine families.

Catfish are the only animals that live in water.

Social catfishers, like the social cat, are caught in social networks.

The social cat fishes can be found in deep-water, tropical and saltwater areas.

They can live for decades, but they’re typically caught by the tens of thousands.

Social catfisher, like social cat But, how can you tell social cat fish from social cat?

The social fish has a wide variety of colors and patterns that they’ll have on their plates.

They’ll also be very hard to tell apart from social ones, especially when they’re caught in the same pool.

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