How the NFL will respond to ‘Social Justice Warriors’

The NFL’s social justice warriors are getting some serious support.

The league announced Thursday it will be holding a public forum in which players and coaches can voice their opinions about the way the NFL treats players on social issues and how the league should handle them in the future.

The forum, which is called “Achieving a Better World,” will take place on Tuesday at the University of Pittsburgh and will be moderated by ESPN commentator John Buccigross.

In the days leading up to the forum, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league is working on a plan to “create a more inclusive, inclusive culture for our players, our fans, our coaches and our league.”

The plan includes a set of “core values” that Goodell hopes to implement by next season.

“We’re going to be working hard on creating a new way for our teams and players to connect with each other and the public, and we’re also going to continue to work on building a positive and inclusive environment for all,” Goodell said during a conference call Thursday.

In addition to the “core principles” plan, Goodell said that the NFL is also working on creating an “audit and transparency program” to provide an overview of the ways in which the league’s social responsibilities have been met.

The commissioner also announced that he will be hosting a conference in February to address the issue.

The commissioner has said that his league is committed to its commitment to diversity.

The league said that during its first two seasons, it has implemented more than $10 million in initiatives to increase its representation of women and people of color.

Goodell also said during his announcement that the union has a “commitment to ensure that our players have a platform that supports and supports us.”

This story was updated to include comment from the NFL.