Social Security Disability Benefits Set to End by 2033, Social Security Act Will End by 2030

The Social Security Administration announced Tuesday that it would end Social Security disability benefits by 2032 and that the program would end by 2030.

The agency, which has long said that disability benefits would be phased out over the next decade, said in a statement that it will continue to seek a way to help those in need of disability benefits and will work with Congress to find the best means to do so.

The move comes as the economy struggles and millions of Americans face a worsening situation with the Affordable Care Act.

The Social Service Administration, the nation’s largest agency that administers Social Security, has been working with Congress and the White House to pass legislation that would end disability benefits for disability recipients under age 55.

A new Social Security law will end disability for people age 55 and older in 2032, according to the agency.

Disability benefits for disabled people age 65 and older would be eliminated in 2031.

The announcement comes amid a national debate over how to address the growing crisis of disability-related care costs.

According to the Social Security Commission, about 1.1 million Americans rely on disability benefits.

The commission estimates that the federal government has $3.4 trillion in costs that it has not spent.