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Zoho announces a new social distancing game for iOS and Android devices

Zoho is bringing its social distanced game, Social Distancing, to the iPhone and Android platforms.The game will be available for free for iOS through Apple’s App Store.The app will also be available to pay for at launch for $4.99 per month.The Social Distanced game is a free to play app that lets users play against […]

How to build a social media strategy for healthcare professionals

Social media managers are taking advantage of the new wave of social media platforms that allow people to interact directly with their healthcare professionals.As more and more healthcare professionals become aware of social networking, they can become more engaged in their patients’ care, helping them to communicate better and connect more directly with those around […]

Which is better for businesses: A social plan or a social plan?

Business leaders have long argued that social media can help businesses achieve better outcomes.It has long been the case that a social media plan can help companies get better results, and it can also help businesses manage their time more effectively.However, many businesses are now looking at using social media for other reasons.According to a […]

How to Socialize With Social Security Disability (SSD) Workers

Social Security disability workers are a vital part of America’s retirement security system.This is why they are able to provide vital benefits to millions of people and how they can assist you with socializing with Social Security.As a disability worker, you can receive disability benefits and benefits related to your retirement, including Social Security tax […]

Republican lawmakers plan to push for social security fraud crackdown

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday plans to pass legislation that would require Social Security trustees to submit biometric information to the Social Security Administration when they apply for benefits, even if it’s not the identity of the beneficiary. The House’s bill, which would require trustees to provide the biometric data when applying for benefits […]

How to create a ‘Social Identity Theory’ for your social circle

In this course, you’ll learn the concepts and tools that you’ll need to create your own social identity theories to understand how your friends and family interact with you and your communities.This is an introductory course for social theory students who are currently enrolled in a college or university, but who have little or no […]