How to Build a Social Blade on YouTube

The social blade is a nifty little tool that lets you control what your audience sees on your channel.

You can set up video tags for your followers to follow you, and you can then choose whether or not to show them when you make a video.

The Social Blade has an icon on your toolbar, which when clicked will let you set up the type of content you want to show your audience.

But that’s just the start.

The Blade also lets you configure a few settings for how content is shown, including whether it is embedded on the site, and the ability to customize what’s shown on your profile. 

There are three ways you can use the social blade: You can use it as a bookmarklet for your channel, a feature that makes it easy to share videos that have been shared elsewhere. 

You could use it to display videos from a particular YouTube channel. 

And you can choose to display a video from a channel with a lot of followers, like Instagram or Snapchat. 

It’s important to note that if you want your video to be shown in an easily identifiable way on your account, you’ll have to do a little bit of work.

YouTube does a good job of identifying videos on your own account by default, but it can’t do it for all channels, so if you’re not sure how you want it to be presented, you can set the blade to display content that your followers are likely to see on your site.

YouTube lets you customize how content on your YouTube channel is displayed, and we’ve outlined some of the settings that you can configure to your liking in the next section. 

How do you use the Blade?

How do you make it look good?

Let’s take a look at how the Blade works and how to make it work for you.

What is the Blade’s Function?

YouTube’s default settings for the Blade are pretty straightforward.

When you open up your YouTube Channel, you’re greeted by a menu that looks like this: Here you can select how to display your channel content.

If you’re following a specific channel, the Blade will highlight a video for you in a video player.

If your channel is very large, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the list to see all the videos.

If all your videos are small, you might have to tap the “Show Video” button. 

When you click the “Open” button, the video will open up.

You’ll see a list of your videos in the upper-right corner of the page.

To the right of that list is a little “About” section, which shows you the name of your channel and what your channel has to offer.

If there are any video tags, the first two are the tags that YouTube will show when you view the video, and they are: “Watch” and “Watch Now.” 

“Watch” is a tag that lets your channel show a video when it is played.

It’s useful when you want a certain channel to show a particular kind of content, such as a music video, a comedy video, or a news video.

It doesn’t show your channel if it’s watched, because it’s being watched by someone else, and YouTube has a built-in feature to let you hide videos that aren’t being watched.

You could also use “Watch More” to show more of your content.

“Watch Later” is the tag that tells YouTube how many seconds of the video you have left.

“Skip To” is for when you’re looking at your channel for the first time, and it’s for when there are fewer than 10 videos for the channel.

If any of the tags on your “Watching” page are set to “Watch,” you can click that icon on the “Watch Video” tab.

“Next” is just for showing your channel at a specific time.

If the tag on your video’s “Watch Next” page is set to, for example, “Watch Tomorrow,” you will be shown a preview of what the next video will look like.

“Stop” is to show only a portion of your video.

If a tag on the video’s next page is “Watch All,” the entire video will be played at once.

You can also click on the small “Show More” icon in the top right corner of your “Video” page to open a fullscreen view of all your video content. 

What happens when I select “Show” on a video?

YouTube will display a “Play” button in the bottom-right of your screen.

You might see a message pop up asking you to select “Open.” 

When the video is open, you will see the tag for the video that you chose in the menu.

If that tag is the “Play Now” tag, the entire fullscreen video will appear on your screen, with the videos’ audio and video titles in the center.

If it’s the “Skip to” tag