How to Make the Most of Your Social Distancing

ShareTweetShareThe first thing you should do is make sure you don’t get lost.

Here are five tips to help you keep track of your social networks.1.

Set a reminder to get your notifications2.

Set up a timer to remind you to check your notifications3.

Set the reminder to be on your phone at a specific time4.

Set reminders on specific days5.

Set your settings so it’s clear who to checkYour notifications and reminders are a great way to keep tabs on what you see and hear.

Set them up on your calendar, Twitter or Facebook account, or set them to automatically check in when you arrive at a new event or social event.

Make sure your notifications are visible when you first sign in to your social network, as they’ll remind you of new events.

If you don`t want to do that, check out our guide to making it easy to manage notifications.3.

Make sure you get your notification settings rightIf you have multiple social networks, you can set up a list of people to be notified when you visit a certain account.

You can also set up lists of people who will be notified at specific times.

You should also set reminders so they are clear who should be notified.

For example, you could set reminders to check in with people you are in a group with.

You also can set reminders that only come up when you enter a specific location.4.

Find out how to set up notifications on social media platformsThe most important thing to remember is that your social media accounts should not be set up as separate from each other.

If one is set up for you and you have another account set up, then you`re not going to be able to find that other account when you’re searching for someone to add to your group.

You have to keep the information in one place.5.

Choose a good time to add peopleTo get the most out of social media, you need to know when you want to get notifications.

The best time to update is when the person you are looking for is also a member of that account.

Set that account to be updated in real-time, and you’ll find that your notifications will start to appear.