‘Feminist’ TV star’s memoir about sexism, racism and death: ‘I’m not ashamed to be a feminist’

The woman who made history when she wrote a book about her own life as a lesbian and transgendered woman is launching a memoir about the time she lived in a mental institution, living in fear of violence and being denied basic human rights.

Riley Hagen, 32, who became a national celebrity after her memoir, The Lesbian Agenda, hit shelves in February, spoke to the Telegraph about living in a state of fear and discrimination in America and being forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery, as well as her experience as a transgender person in the media.

“I was always afraid to come out as a woman, I thought I had no choice, and that it would be a death sentence,” she said.

“That’s the way I was living, and it was very difficult for me.

I had to live a lie.”

Hagen said she had to “do everything” in her power to survive her mental illness, which she described as a “nightmare” and a “terrible nightmare”.

“I could not go out to the pub, because I would be attacked, and I would get beaten up,” she recalled.

You would be accused of being a ‘dangerous’ person. “

But there was a lot of stigma that was still alive in America at the time, and they were afraid of the reaction of the American public.”

You would be accused of being a ‘dangerous’ person.

It was really difficult to live as a trans person.

“She said her parents and friends did not understand the experience of being “in the closet” and that they feared she would “break down”.

Hagen was first diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2012, after the diagnosis was made public.

She was forced to have surgery in order to become a woman.

She said she was also subjected to verbal abuse, which had a lasting effect on her, and was not allowed to interact with her friends.

She said the harassment had affected her physical and mental health and was a factor in her suicide attempt.”

Hagens book, The Lesbians Agenda, will be published on October 26.”

I had a really hard time with myself.”

Hagens book, The Lesbians Agenda, will be published on October 26.