What is the difference between a social distancing activity and a social disorder?

A social distance activity is one that is conducted in the context of a political or social cause or the intention to pursue a political cause.

The activity can be conducted by individuals, a political party, a non-profit organization, a nonprofit organization, or by a third party.

This type of activity is not an unlawful activity and does not have to be done in a public place.

This is because it is not a criminal act, even if it is conducted within a public space.

For example, if someone is using the restroom at a restaurant or in a hotel, it is an illegal act for them to take a seat in a restroom while in public.

However, if the person is using a restroom at home, it’s an illegal activity for them not to use the restroom.

However it is still not an illegal thing to do in public and not an activity that would result in a civil offense.

In fact, social distances can be considered a form of social distancedness.

For more information about the different types of distancing, see the official rules on social distancer activities.