Which social media platforms will get more exposure and revenue in the US and how will they fare?

When it comes to social media marketing, Google has a clear lead.

The search giant has made a significant amount of progress in the past year and has been a leader in the digital marketing arena.

Here are five of the most interesting trends in the industry right now:1.

What are social media’s biggest growth opportunities and how big is it?2.

Which social networks are doing well?3.

How will Facebook fare?4.

Will Facebook ever go to the point of competing with other social networks?5.

How big will Google’s market share be in the next few years?

The growth opportunities are clear:Google is the biggest marketer in the world right now, but the number of people using it is still very small.

It only has over a billion monthly active users, a mere 18 million people on the platform.

The majority of those people use their Facebook accounts for other things.

The social network is also the only platform with over 100 million monthly active accounts.

The average user spends around 10 minutes a day on Facebook.

But that is not to say the social media company is not working hard to become a dominant player.

Facebook recently launched a $5 billion advertising buy, which includes advertising for its Messenger app, as well as ad-supported news feeds.

That is a big deal, and it will allow Facebook to increase its reach.

The company is also rolling out a new tool, called “Trending Topics,” that will allow users to see which topics are most popular, with a more granular search for specific topics.

That will be especially helpful for advertisers looking to target their messages to specific audiences.

It will also help Facebook increase its advertising reach with advertisers who don’t like ads.

While there are many interesting trends emerging in the social marketing arena, it’s important to remember that social media is still a young space.

That means it is a relatively new industry, and its growth will depend on what the future holds for it.

In the meantime, it is certainly possible that the number one social network will go mainstream.

That has not been the case for any other major social media platform.