‘I am sick’: Woman, 60, suffers from ‘a cold’

I am sick and tired of all the pandemic talk about health.

I don’t want to hear about all the illnesses and how bad it is and I want to stay healthy.

I have no idea how much of this is the government’s fault, how much is the fault of my own.

I have been feeling unwell since the government started the pandemics, but it is not because of the pandems.

It is because of my lack of awareness.

I am a widow, a single mother of two children.

I cannot afford healthcare for my children.

My health has been deteriorating for the last eight years.

I used to have a job in a factory but after I went back to school, I couldn’t find any jobs.

I was unemployed, and I have been in the same state for the past 10 years.

My health has declined since then.

I am a single parent, but the children go to school and I am unable to do so.

I think it is a lack of government intervention.

I want to see more people get tested, so we can see how serious the pandes are.

There is no point in going to hospitals and testing if you have symptoms or not.

I want the government to give us a choice to stay home and pay the tolls if we want to get better or to go to the hospitals.

I think we need more choice.

If you get the choice, you can do better.

The government has failed us badly.

There is a difference between being healthy and being in good health.

If we want the disease to stop, we have to make sure we are well.

I don’t know if it is the weather or the temperature, but I am not going to be in good shape for the next few years.

If I were to get ill, I would be scared, but there is nothing that can stop me.

I will be in a hospital and would be forced to go back to work.

I do not want to go into work in a hurry.

I just want to continue my work.

I know my husband, and we are not going back together.

I can’t be there for him.

I need to go home and keep him at home.

My husband is 70 and has been married for 30 years.

We are very proud of our relationship and our children.

When the government came in, it was like a new beginning.

But when we got into the pandics, things got worse.

I couldn the work and the bills kept mounting.

My husband had to move to a nursing home and had to take care of my children at home and then work.

We had no choice but to keep our children at the home.

He works and pays the bills, but when the government comes in, everything starts to fall apart.

I was going to die soon.

My oldest son is only two years old.

We have three other children.

They have been left behind and are not well.

It has been hard on them.

They are crying for me.

We were not able to get any work for our children, so they have been struggling.

I tried to look for a job but there was no job available for me in the area.

They do not know where to go for jobs.

There are a lot of people with health problems.

When I have children, I have to look after them, but they don’t have any help.

They don’t get the education.

My children are very young, so it is hard on their parents too.

My son has two older children who are in school.

They work as teachers.

They also have a lot to do, and it has been a struggle.

I hope they will get jobs.

We are in a situation where the government has not helped us.

It hasn’t given us anything.

They did not take our money, so I am left with nothing.

I know there are doctors who can help us, but so far, the government hasn’t provided anything.

If they help us and get money, they can help my husband.

I wish I could see them in person.

They would help me.

I work as a secretary and am on a salary of Rs 4,000.

I work from home and my husband works as a driver.

The two of us work for free and he is very busy with his work.

He does not get any income from his work and we do not get paid for the time he spends in the home, either.

I feel so helpless and helpless.

I wonder if I should get some money from my employer to pay my bills.

I also worry about my children’s health.

When they go to their school, we will not have them.

We will have to go and see a doctor.

It worries me.

They should give us the choice to work, but not leave us to fend for ourselves.