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How to use the social learning framework in your learning algorithm

If you want to improve your social learning experience by improving your learning, here are some tips that you can use to increase your social relevance:Use a social learning algorithm (SLE) in your curriculum.The social learning approach is a very simple one that is used to help you learn and learn well.You can use SLE […]

How social workers can help people in the UK get better social skills

A range of social workers are set to give an expert talk at the University of Edinburgh this week, in an attempt to help improve the way social workers deal with the issues that impact on children, young people and families.The event, called ‘Making Social Capital: Building Social Capital for Kids’, will be organised by […]

How to Get Rid of Social Distancing Meghan Markle tweets about her social distanced memes

The social distance meme was a Twitter hashtag that appeared to target the Duchess of Cambridge after she took to Twitter last week to express her sadness over the death of her father.The social media network suspended the tweet and subsequently removed it from its feed.The Duchess of Sussex has since deleted the tweet, saying […]

Which of the following social media platforms do you think is the most dangerous?

I’m going to go with Facebook.As far as the government goes, it’s probably the biggest.Its a massive monopoly and there’s always a fight about it, and then the government will say, “Look, we’re going to have to make it tougher on Facebook and the other ones,” so you have the government and the private companies […]