Sen. Bernie Sanders slams ‘toxic’ ‘social media’ app in Senate

Sen. Sanders said on Monday that social media app “Facebook” is a toxic “social media app.”

Sanders, D-Vt., spoke on Capitol Hill during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the use of social media by the Obama administration.

Sanders said, “The President’s administration has been actively using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to spread misinformation and propaganda against American citizens and our allies.”

“In my view, the administration’s use of these tools to propagate lies and misinformation is extremely dangerous and destructive,” Sanders said.

Sanders also accused the Obama Justice Department of trying to shut down the Facebook-owned social media company, Instagram, and Twitter, which he said has been used to spread propaganda against Republicans.

He said the Department of Justice has launched a “campaign of intimidation and censorship” to shut off social media services.

Sanders called on Congress to pass a bill to ban the use and sale of “toxic” social media software.

The Sanders administration has also been using Twitter and Facebook to promote a campaign against Republicans, including President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, Sanders said during the hearing.

“The administration’s campaign of intimidation, censorship, and propaganda is a threat to the integrity of our democracy and the ability of the American people to hold our government accountable,” Sanders told members of the Judiciary Committee.