The truth about social inequality in America

The most important social inequality issue in the country right now is not income inequality or income inequality in the context of race, but in the broader context of class inequality.

And the truth is that there’s a great deal of income inequality, and there’s great deal more class inequality than people realize.

The real question is, How much more?

How much worse can it get?

And if we don’t act soon, we could see a massive spike in income inequality and a dramatic rise in class inequality over the next few decades.

And it’s not just the top one percent, it’s all the wealth and income earners in the economy.

The truth is the rich are getting richer.

The top 1 percent of Americans earned an average of $5.2 million last year.

That was up 27 percent from 2009, and it was up more than 80 percent from the peak of the Great Recession.

That’s more than twice the national median income of $37,400.

And in many cases, it even exceeds the national poverty line of $19,000.

And we’ve got the most powerful economic and political machine in the world, a vast array of lobbyists, a massive army of wealthy donors, and a corrupt political class.

We’re not living in a country where there’s truly any hope.

We can’t even get to the top 1.5 percent without raising taxes.

That, of course, would require a massive tax increase on the wealthy.

And that would mean raising the national debt even higher.

The solution is simple: The country needs to get serious about income inequality.

But for many Americans, the only way to make that happen is to radically overhaul our economic and social policies. If we don�t start thinking about this, we’re going to have a very hard time moving toward real solutions.

We have to have the conversation about income and wealth inequality, because it is an issue that matters, and the only answer we have is to fundamentally change our society.

That is, fundamentally change the way we run our economy, our education system, our social safety net, our tax system, and we have to do it as a society.

We also need to make sure that our leaders are not just taking money from corporations and the wealthy, but making sure that we have policies that work for everybody.

And for those of us in the Democratic Party who are leading the charge, this is an important challenge.

We are not the party of Wall Street.

We will not be the party that tries to make life harder for the middle class.

And so we have got to be more than just a party of money.

We need to be the people who are putting our country back to work, making sure our communities are safe, creating jobs that keep people out of poverty, and putting the economy back on track.

That�s what we�re going to do.

That means creating jobs, investing in our middle class, and making sure we don �t leave the middle behind.

Thats what this campaign is about.

It�s about making sure people�s lives are going to be better and our children�s futures are going the right way.

We�re not going to get there just because of Wall St. We know that it�s not going be easy.

But we also know that if we�ve got a real agenda for America, if we have a vision for a better tomorrow, and if we can build on our successes, then we will be able to create the kind of society that will be the best that America can be.

That´s what our campaign is all about.

This is a fight about who�s going to take back the White House, who is going to lead our country forward, and who is ready to put that vision to the test.

And I�m proud to be part of it.

The Huffington Post is reporting that the White Houses Office of Presidential Personnel has approved a plan to make a deal with the Democratic National Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The source said the plan is to work with the DNC and the RNC to create a “unity commission” to work on a strategy to unite the party behind Hillary Clinton and the president.

The DNC, meanwhile, is working to find ways to create and grow grassroots power in the party.

We believe that the only solution to the crisis in our country is a political solution that works for all of us, and that is the Democratic Presidential Nominating Committee.

On Wednesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement, saying the RNC and the White houses Office of Political Affairs have approved a joint effort to ensure a strong and unified Democratic response to the election results.

The statement said the DNC is not “seeking a special role in the 2020 race, nor are we suggesting that it will play a role in future elections.”

But, it added, it supports “the President�s calls to mobilize grassroots efforts and build a united party.”

We also support the President�.

We want Democrats to work together