Social distancing to get more customers on Facebook and other social media, social security says

Social distanced is the newest addition to Facebook’s social networking app.

Facebook says it is using it to encourage people to stay away from social networks that may have negative content.

Facebook is rolling out social distancing in the United States, Canada and Germany, and will roll out it in the U.K. by the end of the year.

Social distancing is not a new idea.

But the app is more sophisticated and aimed at making Facebook more appealing to users in emerging markets where social media is not yet widely available.

The company says its social distanced feature has been rolled out to more than 40 million users.

It says the feature is available to users of Facebook’s desktop app in the European Union, the U, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Turkey.

“Social distanced can help you stay connected, stay ahead of the curve and stay in touch with your friends, family and community,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Facebook said users will be able to use the app to avoid certain sites by switching to a different site.

For example, users can switch to a site with content that is offensive to people who are in groups or groups of people.

Or they can switch from a site that contains material that is dangerous to people in groups.

The social distancer also blocks websites that allow users to use Facebook’s ad platform to target people.

Facebook does not identify which sites have been blocked.

The new social distucked feature can be used to limit the amount of time people spend on Facebook.

Facebook also said users can opt out of social distance by clicking on the “settings” tab on the Facebook app.

The app has a similar approach for people who visit a particular website.