US faces a dilemma on social media policy: What to do about it

A US social media plan could have been set up in the US in the early years of social media in order to deal with the influx of social unrest caused by the unrest in China, a senior US official has said.

“We don’t have a social media strategy,” a senior administration official told reporters at a press conference on Thursday.

“We don´t have a strategy for this, at least not yet.”

“But we are going to have to develop one and, as I said, we don’t think it is going to be a problem,” the official added.

The official said the US was preparing a plan to address the social media surge in China and its implications for US national security.

“That was the big focus for us,” the senior administration source said.

“We are not going to go in a vacuum and say that we don´te need to do anything.

We have to think about what we are doing.”

The officials did not reveal whether the US would adopt a plan for social media deployment in China.

China is the world´s second largest market for the US and the third biggest market for Facebook.

Facebook, a US social network, has been accused of manipulating user behaviour in China over a period of years, which has caused social unrest.

In April, a Chinese court found Facebook liable for a massive amount of money owed by more than 3.3 million users who had opted out of being “trolls” for the social network.

Facebook is due to appeal against the decision, which is expected to be made public soon.

The Chinese government has previously said it will ban Facebook from operating in the country unless the social networking giant agrees to an anti-troll campaign, and that the company could face a fine of $15 billion ($14.5bn).

China also plans to ban social media platforms that offer illegal information and illegal news content.

President-elect Donald Trump has called for a crackdown on social networking in China but the issue has not been formally discussed by his administration.

Facebook declined to comment.

Chinese authorities have already banned the use of social networks and blocked access to some popular online services such as Twitter and Instagram.