Facebook to ‘dramatically reduce’ the number of social distanced signs in the US

Facebook will stop placing “social distancing” signs on its products, the company announced Thursday.

The move comes after the company revealed a study found it has lost over $1 billion on the products it sells to advertisers.

The company said it would be taking a “hard look” at social distances for products and services in the coming months, adding that it is “working to make it easier to customize products and improve the experience.”

“We know that we have a huge amount of data on how people interact with each other and what they’re doing in the real world,” Facebook CMO John Mueller said in a statement.

“That data is important to us and helps us create and deliver amazing experiences for users.”

The social distance signs have long been an issue for advertisers, and have been a thorn in the side of some in the tech industry.

The company has faced a number of lawsuits over the signs, with many claiming they were deceptive.

Facebook also announced a plan to “dramatic” cut the number, which it calls “a number that we’ll not use.”

The company has been criticized for the lack of action, saying it had already made the decision to stop using the signs in response to “user feedback.”