The Social Facilitation and Social Security Act is about to get a big rewrite

Vice News is reporting that the Social Security Civil Rights Act (SSCA) will get a major revamp.

According to a report from Politico, the bill would require that people be eligible for Social Security benefits based on their age, and would give them a choice of a Social Security benefit if they are 65 or older, or if they work at least 30 hours a week.

It also would require people who are disabled to apply for and receive a disability check. 

The SSCA has been a source of controversy for years.

Many opponents say it has been overly burdensome, making it harder for older Americans to receive Social Security.

But critics say that the legislation was created to ensure that everyone has access to a guaranteed income.

The legislation would also require Social Security recipients to make a donation of up to $25 to the Treasury every month for two years, up from $10 per month currently.

The bill is scheduled to come up for a vote on March 20, and it is expected to pass.