How to get your money back from Facebook if you don’t like the social contract

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to resign after the social media company announced it will pay users a one-time $100,000 fine if they do not like the way it plans to handle the issue of social distance.

According to Facebook’s policy, a user will receive a $100 million credit to their account every time they “dislike” a post, and that credit will not be transferred to the user’s bank account.

This means that the user would not be able to receive the credit if they are forced to leave a post on Facebook.

This is a major change from how Facebook works, as Facebook has been a mainstay of social media for many years.

Previously, users were not allowed to opt out of sharing their content with others.

Facebook is not the first to experiment with a social contract, which allows people to opt in or out of posts and other activities that do not align with their views on the company.

For example, Facebook users can opt out from being able to follow people, but they can not “unfollow” them.

Facebook’s latest move has been controversial, as many users feel it could limit the social distance they have with others, especially since Facebook has a zero tolerance policy for racism and anti-Semitism.

Zuckerberg has defended the policy, saying it allows for people to “choose to be more active” with their friends and family.

This week, the social network released a video to explain the change and how it works.

In the video, Zuckerberg said that it would work the same way in other areas of Facebook, including Facebook News Feed, and the company will pay out the money if a user does not like it.

According the video:The video also states that the change does not affect users who have already opted in to sharing content on Facebook, but will be sent out to those who have not yet opted in.

Zuckerberg said in the video that it will be implemented in a “different way” over time, and he said that he was “very confident” it will work.

But the social community is not happy about this.

Some users are saying that Facebook has not listened to the community.

“The way the social system works is that you’re not allowed or encouraged to like the content, and if you do, you’re penalized,” Facebook community manager Michael Paternoster told the BBC.

“And when you do like it, you lose it.

So you get a one time $100k credit to your account every month, and you’re locked out of Facebook forever.”

He added: “This is not how a free market works, and Facebook has made it clear it’s not going to be a free-market solution to social media.

This is not just a policy change, this is not about Facebook.

This has nothing to do with free speech, it’s about how Facebook chooses to operate.”

Facebook has said it will refund the $100K to users who do not “disagree” with the change.