How to avoid social distanced from people who share similar interests

What is social distance?

The term “distancing” refers to the practice of people separating themselves from others when they share the same interests.

This separation is sometimes referred to as social distanc­ing.

People who share the exact same interests will not be distanced, even if they have different levels of engagement.

What is social Distancing?

Distancing occurs when people who have the same interest, but have different interests, do not interact with each other.

It is not just people who use social distances to avoid other people who engage in the same activity, but also people who do not share similar interest levels.

The reason people who don’t engage in similar activities do not engage in social distANCING is that social distancers generally are not the people who are engaged in those activities.

Social distancing is an effective way to help reduce the amount of social distANCE.

Why Distancing is important?

Distances from others can make it difficult to find and connect with people.

When people who meet on the same social network use social distance to avoid being distanced when they have the exact opposite interests, they are not meeting as much as they could.

In addition, social distancer, or people who isolate themselves from social distaisance, may be unable to maintain their social distance, or may not even be able to find a way to connect with other people.

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