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How to overcome social phobia

The National Alliance for Social and Emotional Freedom is urging people to treat themselves with kindness and empathy.The organisation says people should consider how they react to a social phobic situation before reacting to a friend who has phobia.“We know that some people experience social phobias when they feel alone and lonely,” NASSF’s National Executive […]

Social Security tax,Medicare,Medicaid and Social Security medicare are all the same, says Crypto Coins

In an attempt to make sense of the complicated world of crypto currencies, I thought I’d give a bit of insight into what a “coin” is and how to properly use one.This coin is called “Social Security” in the US, and “Medicare” in Canada.In Canada, this coin is simply called “Medicaid” or “Mediccare”.In the US […]

What are social distancing memes? – Reuters

Social distancing (also known as social distancer) is a term coined by the UK Government in 2016 to describe a range of strategies and tactics used by the government to manage public relations for its political agenda, including social distancedness.In its official report into the 2015 General Election, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found […]

How Twitter is becoming a platform for the Left

Twitter is turning into a social media platform for leftists, with the site gaining traction among young people, progressives and liberals who feel that social media platforms have become a vehicle for the left to advance their cause.The company has gained more followers in the last year, with almost 13 million in total, according to […]