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When the Social Security Administration says Social Security is “unworkable” and it’s costing you your job

The Social Security administration is threatening to stop the agency’s payroll supplement program in an effort to force seniors to buy insurance.The agency has said it won’t stop collecting payments from people with high medical bills until Congress fixes the program, and some seniors say they’re still being paid into the system despite the government […]

How social media addiction affects your business

By Simon O’DwyerRead more about the report:How social media is killing your business:How Twitter and Facebook are killing the social fabric – BBC News”This report has some interesting insights into the social media industry,” said James Burt, founder of the social enterprise, which runs social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.The company was […]

How to Stop Social Distancing Zapper from Turning into a Social Distancer

The Social Distance Zapper is an advertising and marketing tool that will be a boon for those who are in the process of transitioning from the traditional to the new.The zapper will be able to turn any device into a social distancing device, allowing them to hide from social distances as they see fit, as […]

Social psychology on the rise: What you need to know

There’s been an increasing amount of interest in social psychology in the last couple of years, as the field has grown rapidly, and as the number of people entering the profession has exploded.This has meant there’s been a huge amount of new information to explore.Social psychology has become an increasingly important field of study, with […]